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nationals are hoping this will be a summer to remember. >> obviously, we think that we can win every year. i think this is the first year where we've had enough talent and veteran leadership that we should be able to do something. i'm not here to predict a world series runs but the last two years have been tough and all of us here think this day will be alet bert. >> reporter: lindsay murphy, fox 5 sports. good morning, everybody. it is tuesday morning. it is april 6th. there is a live look outside. temperatures really mild out there this morning but may get a little steamier later in the day. good morning. thank you for being here. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox 5 morning news. this is my kind of morning out thre. feels great to walk outside, nice and comfortable. >> don't need a jacket or anything. >> of a been complaining about my allergies, there you go. itchy eyes, the whole nine
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yards. >> it will be bad again today. some folks to the south might get a little bit of relief as we see a few showers move through to the south this morning but other than that, going to be a hot one today. let's take a look at what is going on with our current conditions. we'll start with the radar image and we can show you that there is some precipitation down to our south this morning. some showers, the possibility of a thunderstorm or two during the early-morning hours. it is pushing from the west to the east and it is primarily to the south of the district. there is also some precipitation across northern maryland but the closest precip to washington, d.c. itself is just down to the south. now, let's take a look at the current temperatures at the area airportsism know tucker was talking about our temperatures yesterday. we'll get into that later on this morning. relative humidity, 78%. wind are oust south at eight miles per hour. barometric pressure has been falling. your forecast for today, we'll see a good a sunshine. we'll call it partly sunny
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skies again today. once again, some isolated showers down to our south this morning. highs today in the mid- to upper 80s. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. stick with us for that. >> thank you. before we get to traffic this morning, we want to go out to sarah simmons who is following some breaking news for us out at tysons corner where there has been a water main break apparently tying up traffic there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are at 495 and 123, just right outside tysons corner mall to give you an idea of where we are. there was i ater main break. if you take a look back here, you can still see the sinkhole in the middle of 1 right now. the water has been shut off at this point. when we got here, it
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was very geyser-like. they are rying to figure out how big of a water main break it was. at this point, thre was originally a possible threat of a gas line break but at this point, we are being told by authorities here that it appears as though that is not a met threat, not -- not a threat, not an issue at this point. but crews are still arriving. falls church water authority just arrived just a few moments ago while we were here. so again, 123 and 495 very likely will be quite a traffic issue later on this morning. we'll go to julie wright with a look at traffic. >> right behind you, we are seeing the flashing lights and we're being told by police they have shut down ramps from the play to exit onto 123 at this point. you are now denied access from the beltway to head inbound towards tysons corner off of 123. now, what we do know is that 7 at this particular moment remains open but it is 13 that
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is still shut down and again because of that large sinkhole they are dealing with and the water main break. you are denied access from the beltway to exit at 13. that is already starting to cause some delays on the beltway trying to exit onto 123. so again, route 7 remains open at this point. no problems to report along that stretch. but again, 123 will remain closed in each direction between international drive and the beltway until further notice. we've got more beltway problems this time around in montgomery county. let me take you there live. outer loop of the beltway approaching georgia avenue, the outer loop of the beltway stopped at this point. the outer loop stopped. traffic coming in off of colesville road, already delays forming on this ramp as well. westbound 495 headed into silver spring, typically a hot spot on the beltway for the morning commute. already starting off with trouble on the beltway at georgia avenue. plan your trip accordingly. randolph road north of the beltway. 410, east-west highway south of the beltway, that will be your
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workaround this morning. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. more breaking news on the deadlmine explosion in west virginia. emergency crews have suspended the search now because the oxygen levels are too low. they are still trying to reach at least four missing miners but they admit the chance for survival is slim. it is the worst mining disafter ther in more than two decades. >> it is happening in raleigh county, west virginia. ainsley earhart has more. >> reporter: ambulances surround the massey energy company's upper big branch mine in raleigh county, west virginia. about 0 miles south of charleston. dozens were working in the coal mine athe time. explosion. search crews are combing the mine looking for survivors. >> we are hoping they possibly made it to one of the refuge chambers that are in place on the working section. >> reporter: people are now holding onto hope that those missing are still alive. >> it is a rescue operation.
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it is definitely not a recovery operation. refuge chambers have the ability to have 9 # hours of oxygen in them. so we have time on our side. >> reporter: as crews work into the night, the small mining community huddles waiting for any news. >> all we can do right now as a community is come together and pray because if you're from here, we are all coal mining families. >> reporter: three miners have been killed in accidents at the big branch mine since 1998. president obama has even reached out to west virginia's governor asking for any updates. >> and the president is also covering his condolences for those who lost loved ones in the accident. he says the government is prepared to offer any help that it can. you can stay updated on new this morning, the united states is about to take a new stance on its policy towards using nuclear weapons. coming up next, we'll have the details and also we'll hear
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it has been more than a week now since the mining accident in china. rescuers still confident that they can reach # 3 miners still trapped in a flooded-out mine there. so far, they have pulled out more than 100 miner to safety but gas levels are becoming increase lig dangerous. some of the rescued miners ate sawdust and strapped themselves to the shaft walls to avoid drowning while they slept. the obama administration will release details of a new policy today limiting the circumstance under which the united states would use nuclear weapons. u.s. officials say that new policy will stop short of renouncing the use of nuclear wpons except in retaliation to atomic attacks but will describe the weapons' push as prime airily or fundamentally to pond to a nuclear attack.
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-- to respond to a nuclear attack. the white house is frustrated with a comment made by afghan president hamid karzai. the afghan leader report lid threatened to join the taliban insurgenessy if he keeps getting pressure from the west to reform his government. he also accused the u.n. and the international community of carrying out a vast fraud in last year's presidential balloting in hopes of denying him re-election. a planned meeting between president karzai and obama is still scheduled for may. toyota says it has not been note nid yet but it knows the u.s. government is proposing a record $16.4 million fine for failing to alert regulators about safety problems. the government is accusing toyota of hiding a dangerous defect, the sticking gas pedal. you take the beautiful weather and the big crowds in
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the tidal basin and that meant great news fr metro. >> coming up n, some record- setting numbers that could have far-reaching effects. also in a couple of moments, the latest on today's hot weather forecast and julie wright wi be along with an update on the traffic. we'll have that and more in just a few moments.
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the newest redskin, donovan mcnabb, going to be introduced to the d.c. media in just a couple of hours. this is video of him leaving dulles yesterday giving a wave to the folk. a news conference set for noon today and we'll have that live for you here on fox 5. >> didn't i read somewhere he will keep his number. >> he will keep number 5. i can't and colt brennan will switch to a different number. >> 15. >> all right. >> very good. >> something exciting. >> it will be so weird to see
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him in a redskins jersey. >> just until he starts throwing touchdowns. >> very nice. very good. listen, hot conditions today. we were hot yesterday. made it into the 80s, warmer than i thought we would get. set a couple of records yesterday at some of the area airports. we'll talk about that later on this morning. today, we will see more of the same. let's start by showing you our weather headlines for today and the next couple of days. here we go, folks. record heat yesterday well into the 80s. i think dulles made it up into -- up to 86 degrees for a record. sunny and hot today. it will be like summertime. little a little preview of summer yesterday, today and tomorrow. showers and thunderstorms are possible late thursday. some of you are seeing some showers early this morning and then much cooler this weekend with temperatures closer to normal. maybe even below normal for saturday. let's take a look at the current temperatures right now and it is quite mild out there.
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64degrees in the district. 61 up in gaithersburg. 60 in baltimore, annapolis, 58 degrees. quantico is at # 0 degrees and in winchester, it is 67 degrees at this hour. hd radar, want to go to hd radar and we can show you across the area we've got a few scattered showers. a little bit of thunderstorm activity down in central virginia. these are moving from the west to the east. so i don't expect washington, d.c. to get any shower activity this morning but certainly down to our south, culpeper, fredericksburg, places like that, st. mary's city, you may see some shower activity. there is one little spot of shower activity popping up to the west. we'll keep our eyes on that during the course of the morning hours. l's go back to the graphics and we can show you the big picture. there you go. there is your cloud cover that we have this morning and those scattered showers. more shower activity up to our north across western and into central portions of pennsylvania, the eastern great lakes, all of that remains to the north. you can see it tracking eastward. forecast for washington for today looks like this.
5:18 am
partly sunny skies. hot this afternoon. we're going to go for a high of 86 degrees downtown. in some areas, it will get close to 90 degrees today, believe it or not. five-day forecast, tomorrow, another hot one, into the upper 80s again, rae her humid as well. so it will feel like summertime. tomorrow, low 80s and then some thunderstorms develop in the afternoon and evening. showers and thunderstorms. friday, much cooler, 66789 saturday, 60 degrees. both of those temperatures for friday and saturday are actually below normal. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get an update on raffic from julie wright. >> we hit the ground running this morning, tony p.. i believe we are going to go back to sarah simmons over at 123 international drive where we have the large sinkhole and a water main break as a result of work that is being done on the hot lanes in this area. that is what we're being told at this point. sarah simmons will be back reporting live from the scene in just a few moments.
5:19 am
what you eed to know is that traffic coming off the play is denied access to 13. that would take you over towards tysons corner and in towards industry ena as of right now, route 7 remains open at this time. but it is 123 that is shut down in each direction from at least international drive and the beltway. it is also important to noted notte that, if you are coming off the beltway and want to head inbound on 123, inside of the beltway, those ramps remain open. but the ramps from the beltway that would lead you outbound towards tysons corner remain closed at this time. let me take you back to montgomery county. problems here on the outer loop. beltway. crash involving at least three vehicles after 29 colesville road but before you reach georgia avenue. beltway completely shut down at this point. no one is getting throh at the scene. backing up traffic at 29 as you try to merge on to the beltway. we have delays as far back as new hampshire avenue early this morning. typical slowdowns on the outer loop. we usually find this area to be a really tight jam. unfortunately, you waking up to a rude wakening because of all
5:20 am
of this traffic. coming southbound to join the outer loop, better bet is to bail at 198. 29 is open. but if you are coming southbound, you will merge into the slow traffic. randolph road north of the beltway, 410 south of the beltway. good alternate so avoid the beltway headed west towards georgia avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. it is a dire situation. that is the word from rescue crews if west virginia where an explosion hakilled at least 25 miners. the governor says he is hope identifying miracle that the four missing miners survived. crews called off the search until the area is properly ventilated. we do know that the missing miners did not make it to an escape chamber stocked with food and oxygen. here in d.c., tourism is gaining momentum. hundreds of thousands of people have descended on the city. crowds set the second highest weekday ridership record in
5:21 am
metro's 34-year history and its fourth highest saturday ridership it is move proving a much- needed jump start to the tourism industry. a george mason university study says in all, visitors are expected to spend $125 million in our area. city officials say it couldn't come at a better time. >> about a million people to the greater washington area with about 45% of them coming from outside of washington. so that means these people are looking r places to stay and eat and do things in the city while they're here. >> our hotels are sold out tonight. the nice thing about it is that the festival falls over the easter weekend which is not a traditional time where r hotels are sold out so we're really excited about it. >> officials say it may take a while to dig out from the tourism slump brought on by the snowy winter that we had. the tourism outlook should continue to pick up as the summer approachs. >> tiger woods talking about
5:22 am
his troubles now as he makes his return to golf. tiger says he made some bad decisions. >> i acted just terribly, poorly. made just incredibly bad decisions. >> we'll hear more from what tiger had to say as he gets set to play in the masters. the college basketball national title game came down to the final shot. it was a heck a game. highlights coming up. it was a heck of a game -- it was a heck of a game. highlights coming up. (vet) i love working with animals, but allergies put me in a fog. so now, i'm claritin clear! claritin is the clear choice
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in sports, the took blue devils are the champions of college basketball. they held on to beat butler last night, 61-59. butler did have a chance to win it at the end but just missed a desperation shot. duke's kyle singler scored 19 points and was named the final four's most outstanding player. opening day at nationals park started off with a bang. there is the president mark a 100-year tradition by throwing out the first pitch. nationals quickly jumped out to a one-run lead against the phillies and the excitement would end. phillies would win 11-1. >> things have to get better from here. tiger is stallone hoping things will get better for him. he is set to play at the masters later this week. his first tournament since the sex scandal broke. >> as matt ackland explains, unlike previous interviews,
5:26 am
this time he answered questions about both his career and his personal life. >> reporter: it wfirst time that fans have seen tiger woods on the golf course since november 15th. before his big press conference, woods showed off for the fans he says he has missed. >> coming in today, i didn't know what to expect with regards to the reception and i tell you, what the galleries couldn't bnicer. it was just incredible. and the encouragement that i got and it was just -- it blew me away. >> reporter: the conversation then quickly turned from the game to the alleged scandal that first came to light last november. there was no mention of firsts woods has been accused of having but he did admit wrongdoing. >> all i know is i acted just terrible, poorly, made just ncredibly bad decisions and decisions that have hurt so many people close to me.
5:27 am
>> reporter: there were also several questions about tiger's connects to a doctor would is being investigated for administering human growth hormone. >> he did come to my house. he never gave me hgh or anything. i've never taken that in my entire life. i've never taken any el legal drug ever. >> reporter: woods did admit to taking ambien and valium and to help him sleep and for pain in his knee. he says he received five stitches in his howght after his suv struck a tree. he talked about becoming a better ports figure, promising not to neglect his fans again. >> and show my appreciation for them. i haven't done that in the past few years and that was wrong of me. so many kids have looked up to me and so man fans have supported me over the years and just want to say thank you to
5:28 am
them. >> reporter: matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> thank you. we are continuing to follow that breaking news on the of west virginia. at least 5 have been killed in a local mine explosion, a coal mine there. coming up next, we'll have an update from the scene. also following breaking news in fairfax county this morning. sarah simmons is there. >> reporter: we are on the scene of a massive water main break here in tysons corner where several roads and ramps are shut down here in the tysons corner area. i'll have a live report coming up on what you need to know for your morning commute when fox 5 morning news returns. watchful . we like to know where things stand. we keep a close eye on what we have and what we spend. suntrust would like to applaud our solid financial ways. now when you pay your bills online you'll not only gain more control of your money, you can also earn up to one hundred and fifty dollars. find out more at live solid. bank solid. suntrust.
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welcome back. nice view of the washington monument this morning. pretty clear conditions out there. definitely warmer than what we're used to. 64degrees already at 5:30 this morning. >> i had a few raindrops on my windshield. did we have rain overnight? >> we've seen a couple of light showers to the west and some pretty good showers down to our south this morning. in fact, why don't we start with that. i'll start with hd radar. we can show you there is a little blip out to the west right now. there are some showers and even some indications of lightning down to the south. as you can see, most of the area is dry. those areas of green. now, ust during the last couple of minutes, that little blip to the west of manassas is now indicating some lightning so a couple of thunderstorms popping up here and there this morning with that warmer summer- like air in place. down to the south, you will
5:32 am
find more rain and more thunderstorm activity. these are passing showers and storms across the region. many. you, most of you i would say are not seeing that activity but some of you will see it as this moves from the west to the east. so let's go to the graphics to view and we can show you the big picture. we do have clouds in over us. this overplays the clouds a bit. it does show you the areas where we're see something rain. the more significant rain is well to the south across central portions of virginia, again tracking to the east. it looks like right near kings dominion right now, probably get something shower activity, maybe a little thunderstorm down there at the moment. current temperatures look like this. 64degrees in washington. 06 at baltimore. 64 at dulles. 54 in ocean cityand winchester is at 67 degrees. the forecast for washington for today, partly sunny skies. hot this afternoon. highs into the mid and in some places the upper 80s. believe it or not. >> we believe it. it is steamy. >> thank you.
5:33 am
we do want to et to traffic in just a second but before we do that, let's head out to sarah simmons. she is at i water main break in tysons corner that will tie up the morning commute. are you with us? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: it certainly is going to be an issue. we are here at 495 and 123. this is right here near the tysons corner mall so you understand how busy of an area this is. this happened at about 3:00 this mrning. can you see kind of the sinkhole that is left behind me on 1 that is taking up quite a large area. we are hearing this from the virginia department of transportation. they were doing some work here and with me right now to explain a little bit more is a spokesperson with v-d.o.t. tell me about what your crews are doing out here. >> it is part of the hot lanes project here. it calls for a new bridge over 123. we're doing some work undergroundwork, some boring work, putting lines underneath the ground. it hit a waterline about 3:00
5:34 am
this morning. we had to have falls church water come in and shut the water off. this will be several hours before they can finally excavate around the piping, make a repair, fix the road up and then try to get the road open. how long? it could be several hours at least. >> reporter: okay. i know you just got here on the scene. we'll let you get back here and talk with your workers. but thank you so much for talking with us briefly. we are still in the process of trying it figure out how big of a water main break we are dealing with. falls church water authority just got here within the half hour they aredoing their investigation. it is unclear how many business or how many customers are affected by this right now. traffic is going to be quite a nightmare probably coming up here during this rush hour. we want to go to julie wright with a look at on-time traffic. >> thank you. we'll keep your shot up there because, as you just mentioned, traffic is become a nightmare at this early hour. you are now denied access from the beltway to head inbound on 123, which would tip he canally
5:35 am
lead you over toward the tyson's area. that is not accessible to you this morning. those ramps remain closed at this point. they have blocked them off. if you are coming from the beltway, whether you are come trg annandale or out of montgomery county and you want to head inbound on 123 taking you over to tyson's, not going to happen. those ramps remain closed. you are detoured off at international drive. from that point, can you pick up route 7 and you can access the beltway from route 7. the large sink hole is what is blocking 123 in each direction from at least international drive to the beltway and route 7 will feel the bailout of his. a lot of of people wi be forced over there getting through the traffic lights headed over towards 495. not an easy workaround for you this morning. plan your trip accordingly. toll road also a viable option for some of you riew. 7 will feel the heat while 123 remains closed between international drive and the beltway. better news, although not much.
5:36 am
outer loop of the beltway as you try to make where you are way past georgia avenue. accident activity noon the shoulder. all lane are open. but it has taken a while for this traffic to move. it is still gridlocked. we got the word a few moments ago when tony was doing the weather that the lane had been reopened. it is taking some time for the traffic to slowly start moving outer loop of the beltway university boulevard to georgia avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we're continuing to watch that breaking news ouof west virginia now where crews have suspended their search to find hour missing miners after a deadly explosion. the governor says it is looking bleak but crews say they don't want to give up. they are waiting for better ventilation right now. >> we do know the four men who are still missing did not reach one of the two air chambers stocked with oxygen and food. we get more from ainsley earhart. >> reporter: ambulances surround the massey energy company's upper big branch mine
5:37 am
in raleigh county, west virginia, about 30iles south of charleston. dozens were working in the coal mine at the time of the explosion. search crews are combing the mine looking for survivors. >> we are hoping that they possibly made it to one of the refuge chambers that are in place on the working section. >> reporter: people are now holding onto hope that those missing are still alive. >> it is a rescue operation. it is definitely not a recovery operation. the refuge chambers have the ability to have 9 # hours of oxygen in them. so we have time on our side. >> reporteras crews work into the night, the small mining community huddles waiting for any news. gentleman all we can do right now as a ommunity is come together and pray because, if you are from here, we are all coal mining families. >> reporter: three miners have been killed in accidents at the big branch mine since 1998. president obama has even reached out to west virginia's governor asking for any updates. in new york, ainsley earhart, fox news. the death penalty and
5:38 am
diplomacy just ahead this morning. the controversial execution that is putting asian neighbors at odds. a glitch aboard the shuttle discovery. we'll tell you what that is preventing the crew from doing in space. -- (announcer) we send them off each day.
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they're the future of america, so let's bring them up right and give them our cheese. american cheese. kraft singles. put it in their lunch boxes. heck, put right in their mouths. it's made with milk, never oil like some other slices. a country is only as good as its cheese. good thing ours doesn't have a bunch of holes in it. kraft singles - the american cheese.
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three, two, one, zero, booster ignition and liftoff. >> new this morning, the space shuttle discovery will not
5:41 am
reach the international space station until tomorrow. crew members will have to wait until then to send laser images of the shuttle wings and nose to mission role because of a broken big dish antenna. nasa officials say three maul pieces of insulating foam came off the shuttle's fuel tank during lift john ashcroft. the obama administration will release details of the policy which would limit the circumstance under which the united states would use nuclear weapons. u.s. officials say that will stop short of renouncing the use of nuclear weapons except in retaliation for a nuclear attack. the white house also hopes to persuade russia to agree to a mutual cut in nuclear arsenals that go beyond the arms treaty both sides are expected to sign later this week. china has executed a japanese man convicted of drug smuggling. he is the first japanese citizen to be put to death there since diplomatic ties were re-established 40 years
5:42 am
ago. both countries have a death penalty t officials fear there may be a japanese backlash. the man was caught carrying more than three pounds of drugs at an airport back in 2005. the fbi is looking into whether threats against erin andrews started in virginia. the virginia fbi has indicated that the threat may have originate somewhere in virginia. so far, no arrests. the new ip hit the market over the weekend. early sales numbers are pretty impressive. we'll get an update coming up. we'll tell you how you could get one for free. >> wow! stay tuned for that one. >> free is free. >> you got that right. we'll be checking out your morning commute. got some tricky spots out there and tony has a look at our weather which i think is going to be a hot one today.
5:43 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, do it ♪ oh, do it ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ hey [ female announcer ] coffee is like life. it's better when you add your flavor. coffee-mate. from nestle. it's better when you add your flavor. and it's something that you think about. we try to be conscious of that and plan out our meals so that we can feed everyone on a budget. at giant, we know saving money is important. every time you shop with your card,
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you can enjoy thousands of real deal savings and weekly specials. like top round london broil, $1.99 a pound, and breyers ice cream, $1.99 each. this week only. it makes me feel good because we're saving money. and that works for me. only with your giant card. we have another check on the weather. yesterday got downright toasty. >> wait until today. >> today will be dark toast. we've got more humidity.
5:46 am
i think the next couple of days are a little preview of summer. temperature are in the 80s. more humidity than wave had recently. now, throw in a couple of thunderstorms that we are actually seeing this morning. we'll show you hd radar. a couple of spots where we are seeing some showers or even a cup of thunderstorms here and there. this is changes as the morning progresses. tucker and i were looking at it 10 minutes ago. looked more impressive than it does right now. this area here was showing some lightning. it is not right now. that is just to the south and west of frederick. so a couple of pop-up showers and some brief thunderstorm activity or least some lightning flashes moving across portions of the area. district itself is dry but there is a little bit of precipitation if you are traveling out it looks like route 7 towards reston. a little bit of precip there. we'll watch it during the course of the morning. this will be a morning event. here is the big picture, satellite-radar.
5:47 am
can you see as part of a trough that is coming through. it is not even really a front that is coming through. just a trough that is coming through to the north, more persistent rain in portions of pennsylvania, central and northwestern pennsylvania up into the great lakes and then a few more showers down across central virginia. but as you can see, this continues to move from the west to the east and within a couple of showers, that will all be out of here. yesterday's temperatures, take a look. you know what those little stars mean in ? it doesn't mean those temperatures were on steroids. it means those temperatures were records for the day. dulles international, 86 blowing away the old record of 83 degrees. bwi marshall, that was a record. we got to 83 at reagan national. that was not a record. the record for the date was 86 degrees. we were three degrees shy of that. here are the current temperatures around the region. very mild start to the day and a little humid this morning. humidity is about 75%. 64degrees in washington. 58 in annapolis. that is one of the cool spots. 63 in gaithersburg.
5:48 am
manassas, 64 with maybe a little shower just to the south. 66 in culpeper. your forecast for today, partly sunny skies. hot this afternoon. high about 86 degrees downtown. warmer than that in some spots. close to 90. maybe about 88 degrees in some areas. five-day forecast, 88 at reagan national. tomorrow, hot, humid, thursday, a chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and at night as the cold front comes through and that front really drops our temperatures from being well above normal to a few degrees below normal as we head into the weekend. that is what is happening with the weaer. now, here is julie wright with more on the morning traffic. >> 123 at international drive, you will find that 123 remains closed off in each direct between international drive and the beltway until further notice. we are dealing with a large water main break and a large sinkhole. that is what is closing the roadway in each direction. you are denied access from the beltway to head over towards tyson's by way of 123. that will force a lot of you
5:49 am
over onto route 7 to use that as the alternate route and that, of course, is going to be very heavy so plan your trip accordingly. let me take it back inside. outer loop is where we had the crash before georgia avenue. lanes are open. traffic is moving once again as you travel headed westbound 495. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. now, to some high-tech news. scenes like this one outside the apple store in bethesda were common across the country on saturday as a lot of people lined up to get their hands on the new ipad. now, apple is counting the cash. and analysts are weighing where whether the ipad is a big success. fox's chris cotter tacks a look at the numbers. >> reporter: after weeks of hype and anticipation, apple's ipad finally hit stores this weekend. expectations were high. one analyst had sales pegged at 700,000 units over the first weekend alone. apple says it sold 300,000 ipads au.s. stores on saturday.
5:50 am
weekend numbers have yet to be released by the company. apple appears to have orchestrated a successful launch. apple has a history of extending the type and growing demand beyond the first day's hoard of early adopters. apple sold 207,000 units on the first day for the iphone. according to equity analysts, the iphone now accounts for 9% of apple's revenue. and saturday's launch was just the beginning of what happenle hopes is a movement of sorts, awe quantum shift in the way we see and use multimedia. hype ads equal apps and downloads. apple said over one million apps and 250,000 downloads were loaded on day one alone. some customers are still eagerly awaiting the arrival of a 3 g verse of the ipad latter this month. her hype is on the way. >> can you get an hype ad if
5:51 am
free. hyundai is ewing you new gadget to sweeten the deal for its new luxury car, the equus. can you buy that $50,000 car and hyundai will throw in an ipad as an interactive owner's manual. >> you never know. maybe that is what will send somebody there. >> what it takes. >> exactly. he is the new starting quarterback for the washington redskins. will it make a difference whether it comes to wins and losses on the field. dave ross is here to talk more about donovan mcnabb and tiger woods and much more when we come back after the break. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer 
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5:54 am
the newest member of the washington redskins, donovan mcnabb, will be introduced to the d.c. media later today. this is video of mcnabb leaving dulles airport later today. news conference set for noon today. we will carry that live. first, we want to talk with our man dave ross to get more as to what is going on and the feelings about this. we've had a day to let this soak in. >> till unbelievable. kind of shocking news. i think people are still waking up today going really? i think in a nutshell, the way it struck me is if this is last move that the washington redskins make, then its not a good one. if the it is first move that they make in the retooling of this team, then it is a great move. they need to do more now. they need to get a left tackle. doesn't matter if it is jason
5:55 am
campbell or donovan mcnabb, if you can't protect them, that is an issue. it shows abruce allen, mike shanahan are putting this stamp on this team rather quickly. i don't think anybody saw this coming. i know i didn't. i know a lot of people very close to this team did not see this coming. what it does signify is they believe it is closer than maybe you and i believe. they believe it won't take a whole lot of pieces to make this team a playoff team. that is what you do this for. you don't do this to be respectable. you do this to get to the playoffs and win a championship. if you don't believe that jason campbell can win a super bowl, then he can't be your startg quarterback. they believe donovan mcnabb can. >> theris a culture within this team that some people have boug into and they will say when you look at the signings in the off-season and you look at guys like larry johnson and willie park he and now donovan mcnabb that is the redskins once again pulling guys at the twilight of their career and saying let's bring them in. >> we do have an allen in the
5:56 am
leadership division. this is the over the hill gang all over again isupport this move. donovan mcnabb, a lot of people saying he is old, why did he do this. he is 33 years old. i think he has a lot of football left in him. now, that said -- 3 # years old in football is nothing. >> he could play for seven more years if he wants to. >> is that the argument i try to make. that is the biggest thing i heard yesterday. is this awe guy that is past his prime? >> absolutely not. if you see bret favre and what he did. minnesota thought we had a couple of quarterbacks we can't win with so we'll bring in bret favre who is 40 years old. they got within one play of going to the super bowl. will that happen with donovan mcnabb? i don't know because i don't think the redskins as close as the vikings were. if you build around him now, this is -- this is the first piece in the puzzle. now, you will talk about t. o. and brandon -- the head case
5:57 am
there in denver. >> brandon marshall. >> he is a head case but he can play. you will get one of those guys. he they will get a big time receiver to come here and they will get that big time tackle. if you get those things in place but the defense was not far way. rae we are closer than we were at this point two days ago. >> much closer than you were. >> we'll see you again in a little bit. the redskins have that news conference with donovan mcnabb today live right here on fox 5. we'll also stream it on much more to come at 6:00 including the latest on the coal mining tragedy in west virginia. that is coming up in just two minutes. we'll see you at 6:00 a
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